Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
17x8 277-780P36-54B 5/114.3 36 Pos 850 kg Black Machine Face
18x8 277-880P45-56B 5/120 45 Pos 1000 kg Black Machine Face

RAZOR is a beautiful, classic 5-spoke wheel finished in a brilliant gloss black paint finish with machined spoke highlights and a machined lip.

RAZOR is targeted at the Commodore & Falcon vehicle markets but also suits a wide range of SUV applications. RAZOR is available in 17x8" and 18x8" sizes.

RAZOR has a high load rating of 850 kg in 17x8" size and 1000 kg in 18x8" size. RAZOR is also suitable for a range of popular SUV Sport Utility Vehicle applications.