Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
14x6 334-460P38-4FU 4/100 / 4/114.3 38 Pos 690 Gunmetal Black Mach-Face
15x6.5 334-565P38-4IU 4/100 / 4/108 38 Pos 690 Gunmetal Black Mach-Face

NITROUS is a stunning 10-spoke wheel, available in a beautiful Gunmetal Black with long machined face spokes. Nitrous is available in 14x6", 15x6.5", 16x6.5", 17x7" and 18x8" sizes to suit a full range of small, mid size, large vehicle, SUV and ute applications.

The Nitrous fitment range also caters for late model 4 cylinder applications such as Subaru, Ford Focus, Holden Cruze, VW Golf and more.

In 18" Nitrous fits Commodore and Falcon sedans & utes and a large range of SUV vehicles. Load rated at 695 kg in 14" to 17" sizes and 850 kg in 18", Nitrous is perfectly engineered for almost any vehicle, except 4x4's.