Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
13x4.5 360-345P00-54G 5/114.3 00 Pos 672 Galvanised
13x4.5 360-345P00-52G 5/108 00 Pos 672 Galvanised
14x5 360-450P05-55G 5/120.6 05 Pos 850 Galvanised
14x5 360-450P05-54G 5/114.3 05 Pos 850 Galvanised
14x5 360-450P05-52G 5/108 05 Pos 850 Galvanised
14x6 360-460P08-52G 5/108 08 Pos 850 Galvanised
14x6 360-460P14-55G 5/120.6 14 Pos 850 Galvanised
14x6 360-460P14-54G 5/114.3 14 Pos 850 Galvanised

Mullins Wheels has a wide range of steel wheels to suit various 4x2, 4x4, Utility, SUV and Trailer applications, known as CSA Ranger steel wheels.

Suitable for both on and off-road vehicles, CSA Rangers offer the ultimate in flexibility and peace of mind for motorists and are the preferred choice for many mining, government and service fleets in Australia.

Mullins CSA Ranger steel wheels are available in sizes from 13 to 17 inch diameter. Super strong and load rated, our CSA Ranger steel wheels are manufactured in the popular 8-Spoke Sunraysia style wheel pattern.

Finish options include White and Black paint for all sizes and Galvanised in the 13" and 14" sizes. These Galvanised wheels are mainly used in marine trailer and agricultural machinery applications.

CSA Ranger steel wheels are also widely used on all types of towable equipment, such as caravans, camper trailers and various other load carrying trailers and general equipment.

By fitting the same CSA Ranger steel onto both your vehicle and your trailer, you achieve the ultimate in on-road and off-road spare wheel interchange flexibility.

CSA Ranger steel wheels are ultimately suitable for the toughest of Australian off-road, outback conditions.

Centre Caps & Chrome Wheel Nuts are supplied as Optional Extras when purchasing CSA Ranger steel wheels.