Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
16x7 347-670P20-67A 6/139.7 20 Pos 1250 Satin Black
16x7 347-670P35-67A 6/139.7 35 Pos 1250 Satin Black
17x7 347-770P33-67A 6/139.7 33 Pos 1250 Satin Black

COMMANDO is a bold 6-spoke wheel, featuring a simple design, with strong lines & a subtle curve across the face of the spoke. The wide spokes create a stand-out, tough appearance.

The circumference of the wheel is highlighted by twin chrome rivets. Completing the look of the wheel is a satin black cap with chrome CSA logo & rivet detailing.

Commando has a max load rating of 1250 kg.

Commando has been specifically designed to fit Toyota Hilux 4x4, and commercial vans including Toyota Hiace & Hyundai iLoad & iMax. Commando also fits most popular 4x4s.

Commando is available in a smaller cap option for 5-stud multi-drill fitment (suitable for VW Amarok & other 5-stud 4x4s).