Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
13x5 660-350P10-54S 5/114.3 10 Pos 750 Silver Grey
13x5 660-350P10-52S 5/108 10 Pos 750 Silver Grey
14x6 660-460P11-54S 5/114.3 11 Pos 950 Silver Grey
14x6 660-460P11-52S 5/108 11 Pos 950 Silver Grey

Mullins Wheels is proud to re-release a range of BATHURST alloy trailer wheels to suit HT Holden and Ford Trailer bolt patterns.

BATHURST alloy trailer wheels are available in a gloss silver-grey paint finish, can withstand the harshest environments and are tested to international standards with a high load rating. Perfect for marine boat trailers often immersed in salt water and general industrial trailer applications.

Load rated at 750 kg in 13x5 and 950 kg in 14x6, Bathurst is the ideal wheel for towing heavy loads on almost any trailer.