Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
17x8 320-780P38-50P 5/100 38 Pos 690 Opal
17x8 320-780P40-54P 5/114.3 40 Pos 690 Opal
18x8 320-880P38-50P 5/100 38 Pos 690 Opal
18x8 320-880P40-54P 5/114.3 40 Pos 690 Opal

Oversteer is a face forward, split 5-spoke design with an aggressive attitude.
The unique wheel face profile increases its concave look.

Oversteer is a made using a high-quality casting process to ensure that the wheel is light & has great shock resistance and good load capacity.

From the street to the track, Oversteer improves the stance of many 5-lug passenger vehicles.

Oversteer is available in 17x8 & 18x8 inch sizes in a Gloss Black or stunning Opal finish.