Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
16x8 310-680P35-5HA 5/114.3 / 5/120 35 Pos 1150 Satin Black
17x9 310-790P35-64A 6/114.3 35 Pos 1250 Satin Black
17x9 310-790P35-5HA 5/114.3 / 5/120 35 Pos 1250 Satin Black
18x9 310-890P35-5HA 5/114.3 / 5/120 35 Pos 1250 Satin Black

RIDGELINE is a striking new multi-spoke wheel, which has been designed to fit a wide range of new generation 4x4 & 4x2 Australian vehicle applications.

RIDGELINE has eleven sculptured spokes, boasting a heavy-duty appearance, combined with a deep, swept face for added looks & appeal.

Classy, flush fitting, black rim edge bolts and a fitted cap complete this wheel package which will enhance any vehicle that RIDGELINE is fitted onto.

Available in 16x8, 17x9, 18x9 & 20x9 sizes, RIDGELINE will fit a wide range of 4x4, 4X2 & SUV applications and is designed & tested for Australian off-road conditions.

RIDGELINE is load rated to a maximum of 1250 kg (1150 kg for the 16x8 variant), and is suited for Australian 4x4 Utes & Wagons & various 4x2 and SUV applications.

Available now for immediate delivery Australia wide.