Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
20x8.5 338-A85P35-54B 5/114.3 35 Pos 905 Dark Graphite Flow Formed
20x8.5 338-A85P40-56B 5/120 40 Pos 905 Dark Graphite Flow Formed

Maranello in 20X8.5 inch size is a new addition to the current CSA Touring Series range. This huge 20 inch wheel is a manufactured with high-tech, lightweight, Flow Forming technology.

Flow Formed wheels are lighter & stronger. They have a greater shock resistance as well as an increased load capacity compared to regular cast alloy wheels. The flow forming manufacturing technique, involves an advanced spinning process under high pressure, which stretches and compresses the aluminium to increase the wheels tensile strength.

The Maranello 20x8.5 inch wheel in Dark Graphite paint finish, will suit the latest range of small, medium & large SUVs in Australia. The intricate spoke design and the new touring series centre cap, showcases the engineering excellence which makes this wheel a must have addition for your quality new SUV.

Maranello 20x8.5 inch wheels will also suit large passenger sedans & sports vehicles.