Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
15x7 310-570P00-67A 6/139.7 0 Pos 1300 Satin Black
15x7 310-570P00-54A 5/114.3 0 Pos 1300 Satin Black

15x7 RIDGELINE is a dedicated CSA Caravan & Trailer alloy wheel which is available now in 5-Stud and 6-Stud Bolt Patterns with Zero Offset specification.

RIDGELINE 15X7 is a striking multi-spoke wheel with flush fitting rim-edge bolts and a cool 62 mm deep dish face that will enhance the look of any Caravan, Boat Trailer, or Tradie / Industrial Trailer.

The Ridgeline 15x7 wheel has been specially designed, tested, and load rated to 1300 kg wheel load, perfect for the intended trailer applications.