Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
18x8.5 323-885P40-56G 5/120 40 Pos 700 Matte Grey
18x8.5 323-885P40-5MG 5/112 40 Pos 700 Matte Grey
18x8.5 323-885P42-54G 5/114.3 42 Pos 700 Matte Grey
19x8.5 323-985P43-54G 5/114.3 43 Pos 700 Matte Grey

The Neoform is a NEW 5-spoke design built with flow-forming technology. While 5-spoke wheels have been around for decades, This modern take on a classic design offers exceptional brake caliper clearance, making it perfect for modern sports cars with big brake kits.

Neoform is manufactured using Flow Forming Technology, a process that takes a raw cast wheel that is narrower than the finished product, and applies heat in combination with an advanced spinning process under high-pressure, to stretch and compress the aluminium to increase tensile strength.

This process results in a wheel that is lighter and stronger than an equivalent sized cast alloy wheel, and shares properties of that of a forged alloy wheel. All of which means that Neoform can handle anything the street will throw at it, and on weekends, it will double down out on the track.

The Neoform is available in 18 and 19 inch sizes and finished in Matte Grey.