Size Part No. PCD Offset Max Load Finish
18x8 262-880P36-54B 5/114.3 36 Pos 750 Black Machine Lip
18x8 262-880P45-56B 5/120 45 Pos 750 Black Machine Lip
18x8 262-880P45-54B 5/114.3 45 Pos 750 Black Machine Lip

VANQUISH offers a bold & striking design, with an intricate mesh face & stunning gloss black finish. The exterior deep lip is diamond cut to achieve a brilliantly reflective outer-rim. Completing the striking look of the wheel is a recessed centre cap, painted in gloss black.

Vanquish has been designed for the most popular 5-stud Passenger Vehicles & SUVs, including Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon AU Onwards, Mazda CX7, Nissan X-Trail & Murano, Honda CRV, Hyundai i30-45, Toyota RAV4 & many more applications..